1891171_751408221537147_182533127_nWe are very proud that in 2013 for the fourth time we have been again awarded the Superbrands acknowledgement granted to the most excellent business brands!

In Hungary the international Superbrands program was launched in 2004; its undoubted success is indicated by the fact that in 2014 on the tenth occasion the most excellent consumer brands and on the seventh occasion the most excellent business brands are given prizes. By now, Superbrands has become not only the point of orientation for the marketing and communication trade but a recognised trademark for the general public as well.

Both in consumers’ life and the business world quality is highly important, especially when market competition is getting increasingly tough. The Superbrands trademark is every time a communication means that indicates quality, instructs how to increase awareness and confirms decisions, helps to excel among competitors and provides the possibility for turning reliable quality into a success story.

“In the life of brands every initiative that creates value is highly important. The Superbrands prize is essential in building brands since it underlines the value of a given brand. In recent years, in the market the conditions of power between brand producers and consumers have been considerably rearranged. In the age of web2, consumers have much more tools to find their ways in the jungle of brands; by clicking a single icon they can raise a brand from nowhere and can destroy brands. For this reason, today it is no longer enough to purely manufacture good products; consistent building of brands calls for ethical corporate behaviour, transparency and handling of consumers as partners”, characterised the significance of the acknowledgement Mr. Zoltán Fekete, Secretary General of the Hungarian Association of Brands, member of the Superbrands Committee.