10295130_792466540764648_4971513698097184545_oWe are very proud and happy that in 2013 the Pauker Printing House has been again awarded the MagyarBrands acknowledgement. The prize has been awarded annually since 2010.

MagyarBrands is a professional name, a program aimed at qualifying and presenting the most excellent domestic brands. It is increasingly important to Hungarian consumers that by the goods purchased by them they can contribute to the development of domestic companies and thereby to the progress of Hungarian economy.

The aim of MagyarBrands is to award prizes to brands with Hungarian relevance that can be worthy representatives of Hungarian enterprises outside our country as well. Values related to MagyarBrands represent palpable advantages in the Hungarian and international market through which reliability and acknowledgement of the products increase in buyers’ eyes.

In the picture, Mr. Gábor Vértes, our Managing Director is just taking over the prize, which has been decorating our office since then!