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General terms and conditions – Handling of complaints

For the performance of each order – if not agreed otherwise in a separate contract – our Company shall proceed in accordance with the “General Terms and Conditions”  as valid from time to time and available for free download from our website. The Company shall fulfill its obligations of taking responsibility under such General Terms and Conditions. Please carefully review our General Terms and Conditions prior to placing your order and in case you have any complaints.

At Pauker Printing Company we take great care to control the quality of our services and products and to sustain the same at a high standard.
The operation of the Company based on an ISO 9001:2000 certified system, the regulations on quality assurance in place at the Company and the monitoring of compliance with such regulations guarantee outstanding quality.

If you have any remarks or complaints about the products or services of Pauker Printing Company, please inform our staff-members immediately.
All complaints and claims will be forwarded to András Csorba, Quality Manager, who will record all cases and take the necessary steps prescribed by our regulations on quality assurance and control.

In line with our quality assurance system, all quality complaints will be recorded, investigated and evaluated. Following our evaluation, we will provide an opportunity for the complaining party to assess the complaint by way of negotiations based on the records of the examination, eventually reaching an agreement on the manner of taking responsibility.