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Corporate social responsibility

Pauker devotes special attention to environmental and social responsibility, which are included in a number of corporate programs. In addition to our CSR program renewed each year, Pauker assumes the honorary task of supporting the work of creative artists, as well as sponsoring events and publications. The company also participates in the maintenance of non-profit foundations.

For Pauker, environmental protection is not a subtask but a mission.
Our high-priority environmental program launched in 2009 places great emphasis on the reduction of process waste and the use of chemicals.

Current and previous partners of our CSR program
  • „Together for a Drug-Free Hungary” Movement – Gold Rank Sponsor
  • The Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest – 20th Century Fund
  • AIESEC – The world’s largest international youth organization for talent scouting and development
  • ARC billboard exhibition
  • BrandFestival
  • Fabini Henrik Teofil Fund – for disabled people