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Company philosophy

cegfilozofiaOur traditions and corporate history going back to 100 and 25 years, respectively, compel us to perform our work responsibly in every field. Our responsibility extends beyond the premises of the printing house, all of our business partners can always take our word for granted.

  • Our staff-members can rely on our company in every respect, since our most important assets are the people. The loyalty of our staff is driven by this principle, since 12% of our employees has been on the staff for more than 15 years, 25% for more than 10 years and 50% for more than 5 years.
  • In addition to actually treating them as partners, we make an effort to provide a place for our subcontractors within our premises, and they can rely on us for the long term.
  • The composition of our suppliers changes very little, because – just as in other respects – we think for the long term. This enables us to provide our customers constant quality and production security.

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