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25 years in the forefront

typo_2009The name „Pauker” was present in the Hungarian printing industry as early as in the first years of the 20th century. The corporate name of the enterprise engaged in paper trading and printing as the official supplier to the Parliament of Hungary was carried on by a company re-established in 1989 as an offset printing house.

At the start of its operation, the company’s objective was the production of high-quality publications for the advertisement market and the company still considers this feature as its basic activity. Keeping in mind the professional history and traditions of the company, the management has transformed Pauker into a market-leading enterprise within the industry, as a result of continuous technological development and employee training programs.

The activities of Pauker Printing Company have been recognized at various domestic and international competitions. The professional reliability of our printing house is demonstrated by the Gutenberg Award won on two occasions, SAPPI “Printing House of the Year”, “Finest Book Award” in Frankfurt and many other acknowledgements and prizes.